7.5 Address Mapping


Address mapping is the operation to build the relationship between two different addresses. Forwarding address from source address to target address, so the value in both addresses would be same according to the predefined mapping mode. Both addresses could be from different, in this way, to make HMI processing faster.

For example:

Forward "D0" to "HDW100" (length: 10), so the address D0, D1, ..., D9 would be related to HDW100, HDW101, .., HDW109.


1) Address type

It is used for selecting address type in address mapping;

2) Source address

It is used for setting addresses, if there is operation, such as add, sub and so on, it requires 2 source addresses;

Data type: It is for setting data type for source address;

3) Calculation

Designated mathematical relationship between two source addresses, the result will be saved in target address.

4) Length

It is used to set the length of the operation address;

For example

Source address is D0, target address is 40, and length is 10.







5) Mode

It provides two modes, Read-write and read only. The value of source address would not change if target value changed after read only selected.

6) Update frequency

It provides two modes, general and read-through.

General: Read data from HMI cache (Recommended)

Read-Through: Read data directly from the device without going through the HMI cache

7) Mapping

This is control bit for mapping one item, the default mode is mapping when OFF; If user want to change control condition, please check [Mapping when ON];

8) Target address:

It is address used to store source address data;

9) Global mapping control

The function and mode are similar to [Mapping], but it is used to control all mapping items. The setting screen as below show;

10) Buttons

Clear: Delete all settings in settings, such as [Source address], [Length] and so on;

Add: Create a new mapping item;

Edit: Change selected item;

Delete: Delete selected item;

Clear list: Delete all mapping items in list;

Close: Close address mapping window;

Help: Click it to open help document;

11) Item list

It lists all address mapping items.


1) Too many [Read-Through] items will cause HMI running slow;

2) If there are multiple consecutive addresses, please increase the length to reduce the mapping items

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