6.2.2 Character Input/Display


[Numeric Input/Display] displays the device's character or writes character to the device.


1) General

Read address: The data from designated address will be displayed.

Input: Enable input function and [Write Address] configuration;

Same read-write address: Configure [Write Address] is the same as [Read Address];

Read DWord: Read address is 2 words format

Write address: Write data to designated address. The address could be different [Read Address];

Keypad: it is standard numeric keypad, allow to input decimal and floating;

Note: Check it to use the comment information on the keyboard. When the user clicks on the part, the comment information will be written into the HUW1402 for display. The maximum length allowed for the comment is 63 characters;

2) Display

Input as "*": the data shown as "*";

Alignment: There are three modes;

Center: data display on the center of object;

Align left: data display on the left;

Align right: data display on the right;

Exchange high-low byte: Exchange High-low byte: Check it to exchange and display the contents of the high and low bytes. If the number of contents is not a multiple of 2, the rounding process will be performed;

Length: The length for characters, the maximum length is 256;

Exchange high-low word: Check it to exchange and display the contents of high and low word. Only valid if the number of operating characters of the part is a multiple of 4.

3) Keypad position

It is used for setting keypad position when input data;

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