6.8.2 Text


It adds text to object, and it can be displayed in 8 languages (set in "All Languages") with a special address setting.


1) Current state

It used to switch the object states.

2) All language

Because in PI HMI can support text in 8 languages, so click it to open the 8 language edit window as below shows. And each language can set different font.

3) From text library

If user already setting text in [Text library], user can use text from [Text library] directly.

4) All states

Because different object has different states, so click it to open states text edit window as below shows.

5) Windows

It displays three languages content and provides text display setting access

6) Text color

It sets color for text in object;

7) Copy attribute to states

It is a quick setup that allows user to quickly copy the settings of state one to other states, including text content, font format and color.

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