6.1.1 Bit switch


Bit switch is designed to access the bit-address of the PLC/HMI. When bit switch is triggered, the changing of [write address] depends on the mode setting. When [Read] option is selected, the [read address] is editable.


1) Read-write

Write address: Bit switch controls PLC or HMI address.

Read address: Read and display PLC or HMI bit address state.

2) Mode

Set OFF: set off the write address;

Set ON: set on the write address;

Momentary: set on the write address when switch is pressed, set off when switch is released;

Delay: set off the write address after a delay; (*for example: assign the delay time as 5, write address will be set off after released 5 ms)

Switch: switch toggle between 0 and 1 each time the switch is triggered;

3) Display

Display inverted: Display the reversed state picture and text;

Blinking: Blinking while control bit is triggered, the frequency is editable;

Blink when ON: blink when control bit is ON;

Blink when OFF: blink when control bit is OFF;

Control Bit: it is effective when blink is ON;

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