10.6 LAN Monitoring
WECON provides [HMI Monitor System] software for user to monitor PI3000 series HMI in Local area network (LAN).
This function is only for PI3070N-O and PI3102N-O.
Description of [HMI Monitor System] software
1) Device list: It displays HMIs, that connected into this monitor software;
2) State indicator: It shows state of HMI, green means online, gray means offline;
3) Operation buttons: It provides three operations for HMI device;
 Add: Click it to open add setting window;
 Delete: Click it to delete selected HMI device;
 Monitor: Click it to open monitor window for selected HMI device;
Operating procedures
1) Click [Add] button to open setting window;
2) Enter HMI IP and Note;
3) Click [Connection test] button;
 If IP is correct, it will display tip as below;
 If IP is incorrect, it will display tip as below;
For using this function in PC, it requires the setup of LAN Monitoring Firewall, using Windows 7 system as example. If this function works well in your PC, please ignore below content.
Solution 1: Disable firmware completely
1) Open [Control Panel] and select [System Security];
2) Select [Windows Firewall];
3) Select [turn Windows Firewall on or off]
4) Select [Turn off Windows Firewall]
Solution 2: Do not close the firewall, but allow HMIUI to pass through the firewall
1) Open Control Panel selection [system Security]
2) Select [Windows Firewall]
3) Select [run a program or function through Windows Firewall]
4) Select [Allow to run another program].
5) Select [browse] in the pop-up dialog box
6) Locate the HMIUI.exe file in the HMIUI directory under the installation path of the monitoring software, and double-click HMIUI.exe
7) Select add
8) Check the corresponding options
9) select OK
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