6.5.5 Picture


Picture object is for displaying picture in HMI screen.


1) Shape

Shape: Click shape to open the Shape Library for shape selection;

Default shape: Every object has its own default shape, click it will back to default;

Discard: Click it, object will display without shape;

2) Set Color

This is for set object color basic on shape, not all shape supports change color;

3) Picture display function

This is advanced function of picture object; user can change display picture when HMI is running. The supported formats are bmp, jpg, png, jpeg. This feature is unavailable for offline and online simulation.

Root: Set the save location of the picture, which can be set to U disk, SD card, but could not be set to Flash;

Folder: Set the name of the folder where the picture is located. The folder name can be up to 31 characters;

File address: 16 consecutive addresses enter a picture name in the address (need to be the full name of the suffix), if the picture exists, the picture content is displayed; otherwise the default picture is displayed;

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