8.8 User Permission


User permission is one of expansion function in PI Series HMI; it provides multi-level of permission for control HMI operations. User need to set the user and group during designing project. Different groups have different permission levels for accessing. Each user should be added into the specified group; it is possible to add the same user into different groups.

Operating record: it records user operations information, the records files are saved in HMI flash; its path is [\\flash\\UserOperationLogs.db].

When it is on simulator mode, the files are saved in C disk, its path is [C:\\WECON\UserMgrFile\UserOperationLogs.db].

Operating procedure of settings

1) Click [User Permission] in [Data Tool] toolbar;

2) Edit user name, click [User0] cell under [UserName], and then enter the user name, one project allows maximum 20 users;

3) Edit password, click [User0] cell under [PassWord], and then enter the user name;

4) Edit description, click [User0] cell under [Desc], and then enter, description is not necessary;

5) Check the groups for each user, there are 11 groups beside admin;

6) Editing groups’ description, but it is not necessary;

7) Click [Save and Exit] button to complete all settings;

Operation Procedure of object permission

1) Open the object setting windows;

2) Select [Security] windows;

3) Check the [User Permission];

4) Select [Level] to set permission level;

5) Enter [Log Message], it is for operation records, if it was empty, the operation for this object would be not be recorded;

6) Select the [Access Denied Setting] mode;

Control list table

HMI allows managing user accounts on screen. Including adding, deleting and editing the user account. HMI provide built-in screen for [Sign in] and [change password] (screen No. 1006 and 1007).

When the user performs a function operation, the operation result is displayed in the HUW1001.


1) If there is an administrator account, the user can no longer add an administrator, that is, a project can only have one administrator account.

2) During adding a user function, the set password could not be duplicated with other users.

3) During deleting a user, it is forbidden to delete the administrator account, that is, the administrator account could not be deleted.

User permission demo download


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