6.5.6 Rotation picture


Rotation picture can rotate the image at a specified center or rotate it in a certain way. The way is determined by the property settings.


1) Counter-Clockwise

It sets the rotation direction of the picture. The default is to rotate clockwise. When checked, the rotation direction is counterclockwise.

2) Appearance

It sets picture for object, the picture is selected from Shape.

3) Data format

Data format: It sets data format for [Address]->[Rotation angle];

Min. angle: It sets the starting angle of rotation (Valid in auto-rotation mode);

Max. angle: It sets the ending angle of rotation (Valid in auto-rotation mode);

4) Address

Rotation angle: the rotating angle is determined by designated address; this mode and auto-rotation mode could not be used at the same time;

5) Rotation center

It shows the rotation center coordinates;

6) Auto-rotation

Cycle time: Object will rotate every cycle time. Unit: 100 ms;

Rotation angle: Object rotates designated angle every time;

Return: Object will be reset to original position after maximum angle reached.

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