6.6.6 Polygon


It is displayed in polygon format in the HMI screen to meet the display needs of user.

Right click to close polygon and then complete the creation procedure. Select the polygon, then click its point position to change its vertex coordinate after it is created.


1) Display settings

Border color: It sets border line color;

Border type: It sets border line type;

Border width: It sets border line width

Transparence: It sets the transparency of the object background;

Coordinate editing: It changes coordinate for all points in this object, as below shows;

Filling pattern: It can't be modified now;

Background: It sets background color of object;

2) Transparence control

Read the numerical value of address, control the transparency; value range: 0-100.

3) Color control

Dynamically set the color of background. The values of the color RGB are controlled by three addresses, and the value range from 0 to 255.

4) View

It is for preview object;

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