6.1.6 Function switch


Keypad switch is designed to input data manually; this object need to work with the Keypad. User could assign letters or numbers for each switch, when the switch is triggered the data will input to the textbox.


1) Operation

Screen No.: Switch to the selected screen, it could not be sub screen;

Open sub screen: Pop-up selected sub screen, and set sub screen position, default position is (0, 0), this is the coordinates of the top left corner of the screen;

Previous: Switch to the previous screen in the screen list;

Next: Switch to the next screen in the screen list;

Go back: Switch to the previous operating screen;

Close sub screen: Close current sub screen;

Instalment screen: Pop-up instalment setting screen, only valid when the instalment is enabled;

Flash data to Udisk: Copy data file from HMI Flash to Udisk, alarm, data record and recipe files could be copied;

SD data to Udisk: Copy data file from SD card to Udisk, alarm and data record files could be copied;

2) Using trigger address

As the figure above, when 00 is ON, then selected operation of the function switch will be executed.

3) All terminals effect

When this function is enabled, all terminals (screen, phone, iPad, PC, etc.) will perform the function of the function switch simultaneously. For example, each terminal displays different screens. When click “Home” switch to jump to the "Home" screen, all the terminals will display home screen.

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