6.5.4 Flow component


The flow components are mainly used to reflect the flow state in process flow production. User can set the style of flow components according to requirements.


1) Color

FlowFrn: It sets outer border color of flow component;

Block: It sets the block color of flow component;

FlowBg: It sets background color of flow component;

2) Detail

Pipe width: It sets background width of flow component;

Block width: It sets block width of flow component;

PipeFrn width: It sets outer border width of flow component;

Block length: It sets block length of flow component;

Transparence: It sets transparence of flow component. (opaque (0) full transparence (100)), user can cooperate with transparence and other settings to meet display requirements;

Ratio: It sets display ratio of block and background (Display density of the block in flow component);

Speed: It sets flow speed of the block during HMI running;

3) Control

Reverse: It sets flow in reverse (default is left to right);

Variable: It sets bit address to control reverse flow or not.

  • Set OFF: Forward

  • Set ON: Reverse

Address: It sets bit address to control flow or not.

  • Set OFF: Stop

  • Set ON: Flowing

4) Preview

It is for preview object;

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