6.1.2 Bit lamp


[Bit lamp] could monitor and display the specified PLC or HMI bit address, and its state changes according to the specified address value.


1) Address

[Read Address] is for setting specified PLC or HMI bit address;

2) Hide

Display inverted: Display reverse state of the picture and text. *for example, the value of write address is set ON, the OFF mode is displayed.

Blinking: Blinking while control bit is triggered, the frequency is editable;

Blink when ON: blink when control bit is ON;

Blink when OFF: blink when control bit is OFF;

Hide: Display or hide object by [Control Bit] state

Control bit: For hide control;

Hide mode: hide when OFF; hide when ON; it could not operate if [Invisible] is checked.

Invisible: object keeps hidden during project running.

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