6.5.1 Indirect window


Indirect window is used for displaying sub-screen in HMI project. Users could control it display different sub-screens by change read address value;


1) Screen No.

There are two modes for sub-screen display, one is static screen, and the other is dynamic screen, and switch screen by change read address value. User could only choose one of the two modes.

Indirect scree No.: It is for setting read address to switch sub-screen;

Screen No.: Check it to enable static screen mode, and select screen for object;

2) Control display by address

Control display of the indirect object through bit address.

  • Set ON: Display;

  • Set OFF: Hide;

3) Position

It is for setting the position of sub-screen, the value is for coordinates of the top left point of it;

4) Size

It is for setting the size of sub-screen;


When configuration is completed as below, sub screen will be displayed as picture show.

  1. Display static sub-screen;

  2. Use HDX0.0 to control display or hide;

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