6.6.7 Cycle/ Ellipse


It is displayed as cycle in HMI screen to meet the display needs of user.


1) Display settings

Border: It sets border line color;

Frame width: It sets border line type;

Frame type: It sets border line width

Pattern: It sets background type, there are four types.

Background: It sets background color of object, invalid when select [No fill] in [Pattern]

Transparence: It sets the transparency of the object background;

2) Transparence control

Read the numerical value of address, control the transparency; value range: 0-100.

3) Cycle

Check if for circle; uncheck it for ellipse.

4) Color control

Dynamically set the color of background. The values of the color RGB are controlled by three addresses, and the value range from 0 to 255.

5) Move Control

Dynamically set the position coordinate and size of circle/ellipse when HMI is running.

X axis: The length value moved along the X axis comes from the set address;

Y axis: The length value moved along the Y axis comes from the set address;

Radius address: The radius length of the circle/ellipse from the set address;

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