6.8.5 Animation


It moves and deforms the object by designated addresses.


1) Data format

This format is for settings address, and it is fixed for all objects;

2) Proportion:

The proportional gain setting is a proportional change to the moving and scaling values.

For example:

If the proportional gain value is x and the moving or scaling value is y, then the actual moving or scaling value is (x*y).

3) Movement

The function of [Movement] is to move the position of object on the screen according to the value of address and movement type.

There are three movement type:

  • X-axis movement;

  • Y-axis movement;

  • XY-axis movement;

For example

If the starting address of the movement is HDW10 and the movement type is [XY axis movement], HDW10 controls the X-axis movement, and HDW11 controls the Y-axis movement.

4) Deform

Deform object display size on screen, mainly depends on width and height.

Deform type: left, right, up, down, left and right, up and down, right/left and up/down, right/left or up/down.

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