3.3 Configuring the Screens


The following steps will show how to create and rename screens in PIStudio.

New screens, which are still blank, could be created using the [Common object]. User could choose different objects to design screen according to project’s requirements.


The [Quick_Start] project is open.

Operating Procedure

1) Create a new process screen: Clicking [New] will appear [New screen] setting;

2) Set screen parameter in [New Screen], such as screen number, screen name, background type;

3) After making a new screen, user could insert objects in screen. For example, button and trend.

4) Add button object in screen;

5) Set button object parameters, such as read address, mode etc.;

6) Add [Trend Chart] from [Chart];

7) And [Function key] for screens switch;


Do a project screen with bit button, one chart display object, and one Function key for switching screen

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