11. PLC Protocols


This chapter contains information on configuring the communication between device and HMI.

General procedure

During configuring communication in PIStudio. The following components and conditions is indeed at least.

 One PI HMI

 One connected controller (for example PLC)

 One communication cable

User need to select controller protocol and set communication parameters in HMI project. Please note to set same communication parameter between controller and HMI project. After finishing project, user could download HMI project into HMI and connect HMI with controller by communication cable. Then a simple automation system would be established.

Selecting protocol and communication parameters

For example, controller is WECON LX3V series PLC and HMI is PI8070. Please set communications protocol, and set communication parameters in the [Communication].

Operating procedure

1) After creating the [Quick_Start] project, select the [Project] -> [Communication].

2) Click “Setting” to open protocol setting windows.

3) Select communication protocol, users could select serial port, Ethernet port, CAN port or USB.

 Serial port:

 Ethernet port:

 CAN port (In COM1):

 USB port:

4) About parameters for communication, PLC default communication parameters have been written to PIStudio, the user can adjust them according to the actual situation.

 Serial port:

 Ethernet port

Please note, during using Ethernet port, please set HMI IP in [Project Setting], the detailed, please refer to [Project Setting] chapter.

5) Click [OK] button to save settings and close the dialog;

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