13.2 On-line


[On-line] provides function to users for checking the HMI project and communication.


1) Project is compiled and .wmt file exists

2) PC is connecting with PLC device

Operating procedure

1) Click [On-line] icon to open the online simulator

2) The [Online Emulator serial select tool] pop-up automatically, as following picture shows, the detailed description showed in following content.

  • PC link1/ PC link2/ PC link 3 correspond to HMI protocol list number;

  • COM ports in the drop-list correspond to PC port.


1) On-line simulator runs HMI project;

2) HMI project is communicating with PLC device;


1) Most Desktop only has RS232 port, if users need to use RS485 and RS422, please use converter for them.

2) Online simulation only work for 30 minutes.

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