14.2 Touch Screen Calibration

When the contact of the screen drifts or the coordinates of the HMI interface are shifted, the operation of the HMI will be inaccurate. In order to recalibrate the contact coordinates of the HMI interface, the calibration file in the HMI needs to be deleted and recalibrated. There are two methods for recalibration.

Method 1

1) Connect HMI to PC via programming port (USB-B)

2) Power ON HMI, and open download tool as below;

3) Please make sure HMI is detected by software;

4) Click [Recalibration], and restart HMI;

5) After HMI rebooting, it displays picture as below;

6) Long press the center of '+', after success, it will automatically jump to the next '+', after calibrating the '+' point on the interface (a total of 5 '+' points), the HMI will prompt success, and re-load the project screen . (It is recommended to use a professional calibration pen);

Method 2

When there is no computer (PC) in the field,user could use the USB flash disk, and store a special file (DelTouch.dat) in the root directory of the U disk to perform the calibration operation.

Operating procedure

  1. Create a TXT file on the PC side, write a integer value in the file, any integer from 1 to 180. This value is the countdown time of recalibration interface, unit:seconds;

  2. Save the file and rename the TXT file to DelTouch.dat;

  3. Save the file in the root directory of USB flash disk, and insert it to HMI device (USB-A);

  4. Rebooting HMI;

  5. After the system is loaded, there will be a prompt to "Calibrate after ** seconds" at the top of the screen;

  6. After completing the countdown, the HMI will run the command to delete the calibration, and the screen will automatically reboot after the calibration is deleted;

  7. Remove the USB flash drive. The HMI will enter the calibration interface. According to step 6 of method 1, long press the center of ‘+’ to recalibrate touch screen.

1) Content requirements for special documents (DelTouch.dat)

  • The file content must be any integer from 1 to 180, and the unit defaults to seconds;

  • If the value in the file content is greater than 180, it is calculated according to 180 seconds;

  • If the content of the file is "less than 1, illegal characters, illegal characters + numbers", etc., it will be calculated in 30 seconds;

  • If the content of the file is a number + illegal characters, the previous number will be used as the countdown time, such as 20s: the countdown time is 20 seconds;

2) About calibration

The USB flash drive file must be recognized within 3 minutes after the HMI loads the system. Therefore, it is generally recommended to insert USB flash disk before HMI start to avoid unrecognized problems due to time errors.

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