6.4.3 Bar


The bar graph shows the change in the value of the read address by means of a histogram.


1) Data setting

Read address: Read the value from the set PLC address;

Dual Value Display: Set two read addresses. The bar graph will show the value segment between the two read addresses.

Data format: It is for setting data format from read address;

Digits setting: It means the decimal point position. The decimal point position is effective only when data format is floating and decimal.

2) Display settings

Type: It is for setting bar display type, it provides two types.

  • Type 1: single scale display;

  • Type 2: double scales display;

Bar direction: horizontal display or vertical display;

Back color: User could freely set the color when check it;

Text color: Display color of the scale value;

3) Alarm settings

It provides alarm function in meter, users could set alarm range, users could set the 4 ranges. And each range corresponds to a different alarm color.

4) Show scale

It provides settings for scale on meter, users could select [Major scale] and [Minor scale], and set color for them.


When configuration is completed, the object shows as above picture, when HMI is running.

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