13.3 USB flash disk download


[USB flash disk download tool] could create project and firmware updating file. This section introduces how to use this tool.

Operating procedure creating project updating file

  1. Click [Udisk download] to open tool window;

  2. Select [Update project] option;

  1. Set project in [Source file];

  2. Set USB flash disk path;

  3. Select [Update the application first] according to requirements, this option means if USB flash disk contains project and firmware updating files at the same time, it will update project firstly;

  4. Click [OK] to execute the operation;


Create a [Project.fos] file

Operating procedure creating firmware updating file

  1. Click [Udisk download] to open tool window;

  2. Select [Update all firmware to current version] option;

  1. Set USB flash disk path;

  2. Check [Make multiple firmware files] according to requirements, if check this option, the firmware name in [USB flash disk] could be modified;

  3. Click [OK] to execute operation, it pops-up below window;

  1. Select HMI series according to real situation


  1. Create a [update.fos] file

  2. Create a [XXX.wos] file for [Make multiple firmware files]


  1. The recommended USB flash drive format is FAT 32;

  2. The updating file need to be stored in the root directory of the USB flash drive;

  3. Only one project file or firmware file is allowed in the root directory of u disk by default. User needs to check “make multiple firmware files” option to make it possilbe to save several files in USB flash drive. For multiple files mode, it is necessary to rename the file, otherwise it will overwrite the file with the same name in USB flash drive.

  4. [XXX.wos] is supported in V2.0 or later version of setup; The setup menu interface of V2.0 (in the bottom right corner) version is shown in the figure below.

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