11.12 Mitsubishi QJ71E71 Ethernet

Mitsubishi QJ71E71 Ethernet communication module;

HMI settings

Address list

HMI Communication Settings

1) Enable HMI Ethernet in [Project Settings];

2) Set PLC IP in [Device IP] settings;

PLC Settings(GX Works2)

1) Click [Ethernet/CC IE/MELSECNET];

2) Please select [Ethernet] as network type;

3)Set station I/O number according to situation (For example, 0000 means that the module is connected to PLC CPU in first order);

4) Select [Online] as Mode

5) Click [Operation setting] to set IP;

6) Select [Binary Code] as [Communication Data Code];

7) Set protocol: TCP;

8) Set [unpassive] in [Open system];

9) Set [receive] in [Fixed buffer];

10) Set [procedure Exist] in [Fixed buffer communication];

11) Disable [Pairing open];

12) Set [No confirm] in [Existence confirmation];

13) Host station port number: 1025;

14) Save settings;

15) Download project into PLC and restart it

Communication cable

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