8.9 MessagePrompt


A message box is a window used to show some prompts or warnings to users. For example, the application process a task in the process of pop-up message box, suggesting that "detected u disk", then the customer can carry out data dump function.


1) Message

It includes system classes (u disk, SD card, and others), chart classes (alarm, data, recipe, file list), curve classes (Trend Chart, historical XY trend Plot).

2) Control

Current item: It shows selected message information;

Use trigger address: When the message is triggered, the trigger address would be set ON

For example:

Trigger address is 011, during inserting a USB flash disk into HMI, and 011 would be set ON, once HMI recognizes USB flash disk, and display message;

Show message: Check it to display message when HMI is running. It is checked by default.

Show on web: Check it to display message when remote access HMI screen, it is unchecked by default;

3) Message Content

Each message has default content, but the user can set different content according to the actual situation. And the same message could be displayed in 8 languages.

4) Reload text

It means discard changes

For example

User deletes default content or modifies default content, but he wants to give up modification back to original, just click [Reload text]


1) If the user does not want this prompt during the running of HMI, please uncheck [Show message];

2) [Reload text] function would be invalid after clicking save;

3) These 5 special characters are not supported in the header Multilanguage settings: [,], [|], [<], [>], [&].

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