14.1 Setup Menu


Setup menu is used for settings HMI system when HMI is running. Such as communication parameters, real time clock, and other functions.

The setup menu interface of V2.0 (in the bottom right corner) version is shown in the below.

Language switch

Click the button in the top right corner as above to set language (simplified Chinese and English)

Update project/firmware

Those functions are used for update HMI project or firmware via USB flash disk.

Operating procedures

1) Generate the project file (image file) in USB flash disk at first.

2) Plug the USB flash disk and click [update project] or [update firmware] to update project or firmware. If user click the [update project], we will see a pop window as below. The file with the fos suffix is the file created by the old PIStduio, and the wpj file is the project file supported by the V2.0 version (supporting the custom file name).

3) After selecting a project file, the following interface will pop up: Select whether to retain the parameters of the original project in the HMI when downloading the new project (by default, all will be deleted).

4) User could select according to the “Extensions” in the upper right corner of the option box (as shown in the figure below), and retain some configuration files of the original project (please choose carefully as needed to avoid error in application).

5) Click [OK] to delete unchecked item. Click Cancel to retain all data.

6) After downloading project successfully, the following prompt will appear.


The network is used for setting and checking the network state of the HMI. All PI series HMI support Ethernet and WIFI (WIFI requires specified USB WIFI device).

Operating procedures of WIFI

1) Click [network] in menu screen to access network configuration interface.

2) Enable the [WIFI] function, the HMI will search for WIFI signals as shown below;

3) Select a WIFI, it will pop up a keyboard to input password.

4) After inputting correct password, HMI will get a dynamic IP.

Operating procedures of Ethernet

1) Enable the [Ethernet] function. If the network connection is normal, the IP address and MAC address of the HMI will be displayed, as shown in the following figure:

2) Click [Eth Test] to pop up test window as shown below.

Update PLC project

This function is for update WECON PLC project via USB flash disk when HMI is communicating with PLC;

Operating procedures

Place update file (update.bin) into root directory of USB flash disk;

Switch DIP (PLC) to stop state;

Insert USB Flash disk into HMI;

Into HMI setup menu;

Select update PLC project;


  1. This function is available in PI series HMI;

  2. If project contains sub-program, the update time will be longer;

  3. Please format SD card, if users use SD card for update;

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