6.3.2 Alarm Record Display


Display current alarm and history alarm information. After setting the time span, the history alarm record will list by the time span.

This object only displays content normally after the [Alarm Record] function is set.


1) Settings

Alarm type: There are two types for alarm function; one is [Current alarm record] and the other is [History alarm record];

Group No.: This group number is located to alarm settings; this object only displays the alarm content within the setting range;

Display in reverse order: The latest alarm information will be displayed at the top of object;

Alarm Record Setting: This is for setting display items in object, the setting window as below shows;

2) Query setting

There are two modes for this settings, one is [Page control], and the other is [Use function address].

Page control: it controls what object currently displays;

For example: Page control is 40,

40=1 means this object displays first page;

40=2 means this object displays second page;

40=3 means this object displays third page;


40=10 means this object display 10th page;


Every page contains 50 records;

3) Start time

It configures start query time.

Span: set the time span from start time to end time of query;


When all configurations are completed, when the HMI is running, alarm display object displays as shown below.

The query key is automatically displayed when user double-clicks object, and the system automatically generates a sub-screen that sets the query span.

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