6.6.8 Arc


The software uses arc drawing to specify the starting point and ending point, using a counterclockwise drawing method. The contour, start and end points of the arc can be modified on the screen. If the user wants to change the start and end points of the arc on the screen, the arc should be selected firstly.


1) View

It is for preview object;

2) Display settings

Border: It sets border line color;

Line type: It sets border line width;

Line width: It sets border line type;

Fill style: It sets background type, there are four types.

Transparence: It sets the transparency of the object background;

Background: It sets background color of object, invalid when select [No fill] in [Pattern];

3) Only show arc

Check it for displaying arc; Uncheck it for displaying sector;

4) Transparence control

Read the numerical value of address, control the transparency; value range: 0-100.

5) Color control

Dynamically set the color of background. The values of the color RGB are controlled by three addresses, and the value range from 0 to 255.

6) Angle control

Dynamically set the shape of the arc, start angle and end angle are controlled separately by setting address.

7) Angle

It displays and sets the starting and ending angles of the arc.

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