6.6.3 Text


It adds text to HMI screen, and a object can be displayed in 8 languages (set in "All Languages") with a special address setting.


1) Current state

It used to switch the object states, but [Text] object only has one state, so this function is invalid.

2) All language

Because in PI HMI, all object can support text in 8 languages, so click it to open the 8 language edit window as below shows. And each language can set different font.

HMI system address HSW0 could switch language display.For example HSW0=0,screen will display language 1.HSW0=1,screen will display language 2.HSW0=2,screen will display language 3...until HSW0=7 screen will display language 8.In general,the language could switch by different word switch (Set Value mode).

3) From text library

If user already setting text in [Text library], user can use text from [Text library] directly.

4) Windows

It displays three languages content and provides text display setting access

5) Text color

It sets color for text in object;

6) Text background

It sets object background; it only supports color;

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