8.5 Recipe


PI Series HMI has Recipe function, Recipe function keeps data in the HMI, used to download the data from HMI to designated device addresses, or upload the data from device addresses to HMI.

The maximum number of group in recipe is 1000, and the maximum number of member in each group is 1500.

Recipe function divides into simple mode and advanced mode. Advanced mode can support multiple recipe files, but simple model can only support one recipe file.

Recipe function settings will be display in [Recipe display] object.


1) Basic

Recipe Folder: Give Recipe folder name (It can be used, when setting Recipe display object);

Group: It sets the groups’ initial number of recipe;

Elements: It sets members’ initial number of each group;

Data Format: There are some formats can be supported in Recipe, like 16-bit BCD, 16-bit signed, 16-bit unsigned, 32-bit BCD, 32-bit signed, 32-bit unsigned, 32-bit floating and string. If each member requires different formats, please set it one by one in form;

Decimal: It sets integer and scale digits;

2) Mode selection

Users could select Simple or Advanced mode;

3) Function address:

All the operations for recipe is by this address

=0 No operation;

=1 Read data from recipe;

=2 Insert a new group or write data to exist group;

=4 Inserted (only advanced mode);

=8 Delete;

=16 Delete and Sequence;

4) Use Multiple file

Check it to use more than one recipe file in HMI, but this option only valid in [Advanced mode];

5) Select language

The text in HMI can be in 8 languages, user can set language in here;

6) Address

Group: This address is for selecting group number;

Start: This is starting address is for reading and writing in recipe, PIStudio will automatically assigns addresses for each members;

7) Use Index

If Group address value change, recipe address will display the new group recipe data. If the new recipe address data change, the corresponding group of the recipe data will change.

8) Query by element

Check it for querying group by element;

9) Use independent Write address

To use different Recipe read address and write address.

10) Use insert

It inserts data into the specified group, if the specified group already exists, all groups after it are reordered.

11) Recipe list

It shows detailed information about recipe; users could set each member in here.

Operating procedures

1) Click [Project]-> [Bit Alarm] as below shows;

2) Click [Add] button to open [Recipe] setting window;

3) Set basic settings for recipe;

4) Select mode according to actual condition;

5) Other settings can be set according to the actual situation;

6) Click [OK] button to complete settings;

Recipe demo download link


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