14.3 Levi2PI

This document mainly is used for describing how to use LEVI2PI to convert LEVI series HMI to PI Series HMI project.


  1. Original Project: This is for LEVI HMI project,please set project path;

  2. Purpose Project: This is for PI HMI saving path;

  3. Information Window: It shows all information during converting;

  4. Operating buttons

  • Informations: It shows information of LEVI project, including HMI model, protocol and so on;

  • Record: Check the historical conversion of this software;

  • Start: Click to execute conversion;

  • Open Report: View conversion report as a file;

Operating Procedures

  1. Select LEVI HMI;

  2. Set PI HMI saving path;

  3. Click [Start] button to execute operation;

  4. When finished conversion, open PI HMI to check it;

  5. Check report and modify PI HMI manually;


The platform used by PI HMI is completely different from that of LEVI HMI. Therefore, many settings need to be taken manually after the project is converted.

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