6.3.6 History Trend Chart


The history trend will display data record with graph. X axis represents as time, and Y axis represents as data.


1) Source

Curve buffer: Select data from [Data record], and display data in term of curve;

Curve displays: HMI will display curves according to select [Data record], and user could select which curves need to be displayed and select [Line type], [Color] and select [Channel] for each curve;

2) Range

Set data range limit of curve (max and min). Also could set variable to control data range;

3) Function

Start address: Custom object for query function, HMI system assigns address according to the settings, and four control key and query screen will be created, user could see the query details in this query screen.

Use Dynamic channel: It occupies 8 addresses; each address corresponds to the curve channel number. For example, the address is set to HDW10, it takes up HDW10 to HDW17. Where the value of HDW10 is 3, then the first curve in the trend graph shows the value of channel 3.

Start time: Set start time and span for curve display.


When all configurations are completed, when the HMI is running, it displays as shown below.

There are 7 buttons will display in below the graph, shown as following:

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