8.6 Trend Chart


Trend chart function is used for displaying the real-time data in HMI as curve graph, which X axis represent as time, Y axis represent as data.

Recipe function settings will be display in [Trend Chart] object.


1) Basic settings

Curve Name: It is for setting curve name; Enter suitable text for the name, but the length limitation is 31 bytes;

Curve (1~8): It is for setting the number of curves, the default is 3;

Dots of one curve: It is for setting dots number of each curve, the default is 1000, but the maximum dots are 10,000 for all the curves;

2) Sampling type

It is for setting sampling type for curve chart, there are two types, one is Cycle sample, and the other is Trigger cycle sample. If users select Trigger cycle same mode, it requires a control bit for it, as following picture shows.

3) Quick setting

it is for setting all the curves, select the data format for all curves, and setting the reading addresses for curves.

For example:

Users set HDW0 as start address, and the data format is 16-bit signed, then the HDW0 is for Curve 1, HDW1 is for Curve2, HDW2 is for Curve 3.

4) Right side window: It is for setting curves one by one;

Operating procedure

1) Click [Project] -> [Trend Chart] to open the function selecting windows;

2) Click [Add] button to open [Trend Chart] setting windows;

3) Setting the function of trend chart;

4) Click [OK] to save the setting;

Trend Chart demo download link


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