6.3.3 Data Record Display


[Data Record Display] displays the value of the address set by the user in the data record in the form of a table. And it provides the function of query; the user could query a certain piece of data according to the recording time.

This object only displays content normally after the [Data record] function is set.


1) Record

Multiple groups could be set in the data record, but [Data Record Display] could only display the data of one group at the same time. Therefore, during configuring, user need to specify the corresponding data record group number for each object.

2) Display in reverse order

The latest data record will be displayed at the top of object;

3) Start time

It configures start query time.

Span: set the time span from start time to end time of query;

4) Security

Channel control address: It continuously occupies 8-word addresses, the first 100-bit addresses control 100 channels of display/hide function. For example, if the address is set to HDW10, then HDX10.0=1 is hidden channel 1; HDX10.1=1 is hidden channel 2, and so on.

Freeze first column: Enable it, the first column (time column) of the data record will not move with the left and right pages.


When all configurations are completed, when the HMI is running, data record display object displays as shown below.

The query key is automatically displayed when user double-clicks object, and the system automatically generates a sub-screen that sets the query span.

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