8.7 History XY Plot


Different from Trend Chart, uses need to set history XY curve items in project. Please click [Project]-> [History XY Plot] to open the setting screen;

Recipe function settings will be display in [History XY Plot] object.


1) Curve No.

Name: users use it to name curve item;

Curves: it sets how many curves in one item;

Total records: it sets how many records in one curves;

2) Sampling type

It is for setting sampling type for curve chart, there are two types, one is Cycle sample, and the other is Trigger cycle sample. If users select Trigger cycle same mode, it requires a control bit for it, as following picture shows.

3) Quick settings:

It only used for all the curves are in the same data format;

Use continuous address: it only used for all the curves are read data from continuous addresses;

4) Curve setting:

Users could set curve one by one with different data format and intermittent address.

Operating procedure

1) Click [Project] -> [History XY Plot] to open the function selecting windows;

2) Click [Add] button to open [History XY Plot] setting windows;

3) Setting the function of History XY Plot;

4) Click [OK] to save the setting;

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