6.6.5 Line


It is displayed in line format in the HMI screen to meet the display needs of user.


1) Display settings

Line: It sets line color;

Line type: It sets line type; it provides 9 types for user;

Transparence: It sets the transparency of the object background;

2) Line width control

In basic display settings, the line width can't be changed, but user can change width by address.

Read the numerical value of address to control the width of line. Display range of numerical value: 1-10.

3) Coordinate control

Dynamically set the position coordinate between two points in line. Set four addresses respectively corresponding to the starting point and end point coordinate. If the numerical value of coordinate is over interface, the object will not be displayed.

4) Color control

Dynamically set the color of the line. The values of the color RGB are controlled by three addresses, and the value range from 0 to 255.

5) View

It is for preview object;

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