6.4.4 Runbar


Run bar object could display normal text and alarm text. User could select display content according to requirement.

When the alarm text is displayed, it could quickly and timely reflect the status of the current HMI alarm function for easy management and control.

When normal text is displayed, it provides two ways to set the display content to user (static text and dynamic text);


1) Basic settings

Type: It is for display content settings

  • Move Text: Normal text;

  • Alarm: Alarm text;

Transparence: It sets the transparency of the object background;

Reverse: it sets text move right to left or left to right;

Speed: It sets text moving speed;

Background: It sets object background color;

Text color: It sets text color;

Show Border: Check it to show border for object;

Border: It sets object border color; it is visible only when [Show Border] is checked;

2) Display content settings

If it shows static text, please set content in [Text];

If it shows dynamic text, please check [Read Address], and set address and length for it;

If it shows alarm text, please select alarm information, such as time and date, alarm group number range;

3) Preview

It is for preview text content in object;


When configuration is completed, the object is shows as below picture, when HMI is running.

1) Normal text

2) Alarm text

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