8.3 Data Record


The data record function is organized according to the structure below. In a project, there can be multiple record groups, each record group containing multiple channels. Different groups have different sampling times.

The recorded data can be display in HMI by [Data record display] object;


1) General

Group name: It sets group name; the name should be unique;

Trigger function: It sets to trigger record, there are four modes

No trigger: data will be recorded in every sample time;

Trigger to record by sample cycle: Data will be recorded in every same time, when trigger control bit set ON;

Trigger to record once and reset: Data will be recorded when trigger control bit set ON, and the bit will be reset automatically;

Trigger to record once: Data will be recorded when trigger control bit set ON, and the bit need to be reset manually;

Total Channels: It sets number of channels in this group;

Sample: It sets data record sample time, Unit: second; For example, Sample cycle=15s. It means that records data one time every 15s.

Time address: It sets address to change sample time when HMI is running;

Total records: It sets data record number in one data record file. If the data file size is beyond the current file size. The old data will be deleted, and the new data will replace the old data. Please remember to back up the old data record file.

Abnormal value: It sets a value, when communication fails, data record will record this value;

2) Quick settings

Start channel: It sets the continuous addresses for channels;

Data format: It sets the same data format for channels;

Number of digits: It sets the digits’ number for channels;

3) Language settings

The text in HMI can be in 8 languages, user can set language in here;

4) Channel list

Besides quick settings, user can set channel name, address, data format, and so on one by one according to real situation.

Operating procedures of adding one group

1) Click [Project] -> [Data record] as below shows;

2) Click [Add] button to open [Data record] setting window;

3) Enter group name, the default is [GroupName0];

4) Select [Trigger function] mode, such as [No trigger];

5) Set [Total channels], such as 3;

6) Click [Apply] button;

7) Set Sample cycle, such as 15;

8) Set [Start channel] in [Quick settings], such as 4 0;

9) Check group information in [Channel list] as below;

10) Click [Save] button to complete settings;

Data record storage settings

The default storage of data record is HMI internal flash, user can change the storage in [Project settings], as below

And user can export data record files, and check them on PC by [Data view tool].

PI data record demo download


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