4.3 Project screens menu

Screen previewThis section introduces project screen menu functions, the project menu as following picture shows.

This section consists of following contents:

Project manager

Screen preview

Project compiling window

4.3.1 Project manager


Project manager includes screen, script and system screen states, by double click the designated property to edit.


1) Screen: all screens in current project are shown in the screen list.

2) Script: include global script and global function.

  • Background script: The scripts could run when project is running;

  • Background function: Background function is a form of code for using, it could be called in any script.

3) System screen: system sub-screen for keypad display.

  • Screen 1000: numerical input keypad

  • Screen 1001: text input keypad

  • Screen 1002: mutual screen, this screen will display on all other screens

  • Screen 1003: user login screen

  • Screen 1006: user login screen, include user name and password input

  • Screen 1007: password change screen

  • Screen 1008: installment payment password input screen

  • Screen 1009: installment payment alert screen

  • Screen 5001: timeout list

  • Screen 5002: Prompt message

  • Screen 5003: Format U_Disk

4) Screen editing: Choose the designated screen, then edit the parts and properties on this area.

4.3.2 Screen preview


Preview could display the selected screen.

4.3.3 Compile window


[Compile window] shows project compiling information, when an error occurs, it appears in a red font to make it easier for the user to notice the error information, and when double-clicking the error message, it automatically locates errors.

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