6.6.1 Date


Date object displays local system date on the HMI screen


1) Display

Open: It locals to [Shape] to select object background picture;

Default: Click it to reset object background;

No Shape: It sets transparent background for this object;

Font: It locals to [Font library] to select font for text in object;

2) Text color

It sets color for text in object;

3) Color

Valid when select SVG picture from [Shape], user can modify SVG color according to requirements;

4) Data format

It sets object display date or week, and format, detailed please refer to below table.



Display style


Show date

YYYY/MM/DD: year/month/day

MM/DD/YYYY: month/day/year

DD/MM/YYYY: day/month/year

Show week

Chinese 1

English 1

Chinese 2

English 2

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