11.24 Siemens S7-1200 Ethernet

Supported Series: Siemens S7-1200

HMI Setting

Address list

Communication settings

11) Enable HMI Ethernet in [Project Settings];

12) Set PLC IP in [Device IP] settings;


1) The S7-1200 supports simultaneous connection of three devices, so the driver supports simultaneous access to PLC by three touch screens.

2) HMI access PLC, use S7 protocol, access PLC TSAP 02.01 (s7-1200 PROFINET interface only supports three connections, the default support), detailed reference to the system manual of S7-1200.

PLC settings

1) Add BD

Please uncheck [Symbolic access only] option;

2) Address settings, using BD2 as example.

DB×DBB2xxxx, DB×DBW2xxxx, DB×DBD2xxxx for accessing data of DB2 in B1.

2 represent DB block number

xxxx represent address

Such as:

DBxDBB20000 = DB2.DBB0

DBxDBW20004 = DB2.DBW4

How to connect with S7-1200 Firmware V4.0

1) PLC configuration

a) Double click [device configuration] in Siemens via software

b) Double click [protection] to enter protection configuration screen

c) Check [Permit access with PUT / GET communication from remote partner (PLC, HMI, OPC, ...)]

2) DB settings

Right click [DB], select [properties]

Uncheck [optimized block access]

Communication cable

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