8.4.1 Bit alarm


1) Basic settings

Bit address: Read address for bit alarm;

Group No.: Group number of bit alarm;

2) Alarm condition: It sets alarm trigger condition, there are two types, alarm when ON and alarm when OFF;

3) Alert: When the alarm occurs, the [Control Bit] will set ON;

4) Alarm Screen: Pop-up alarm screen (it need to be sub-screen);

Position: The location of the screen alarm display.

Pop-up Interval: The time of reopen the alarm screen when alarm screen closed.

Pop-up once: Pop up alarm screen once.

Close window when alarm off: Automatically close the alarm screen when alarm off.

5) Beep when alarm ON: beep works when the alarm is triggered, in the default mode, the beep works until the alarm is released.

Beep once: Beep works once, when alarm is triggered;

6) Content: It is used for setting alarm content (command);

Operating procedures of adding one alarm

1) Click [Project]->[Bit Alarm] as below shows;

2) Click [Add] button to open [Bit Alarm] setting window;

3) Set [Bit Address];

4) Set [Alarm Condition];

5) Set [Content];

6) Other settings can be set according to the actual situation;

7) Click [OK] button to complete settings;

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