6.4.1 Pointer Meter


The meter responds to changes in the value of the indicated word address by means of a dial and a pointer. The meter looks very similar to the actual meter.


1) Basic

Read address: Read the value from the set PLC address;

Data format: It is for data setting;

Digits setting: it means the decimal point position. the decimal point position is effective only when data format is floating and decimal;

Min angle and max angle: Data range, if data beyond range will be not inputted;

Variable limits: when checked, low limit address and high limit address could be edit showed below;

2) Show meter background

This is for setting meter background, there are four types, users could select it according to needs.

3) Show pointer

Users could select show pointer or not according to need, and it provides two types for pointer and users could select pointer color.

4) Show alarm area

It provides alarm function in meter, users could set alarm range, users could set the 4 ranges. And each range corresponds to a different alarm color.

5) Show scale

It provides settings for scale on meter, users could select [Major scale] and [Minor scale], and set color for them.

6) Meter angel settings

Meter Type: It sets the angel between the maximum and minimum value. It provides 7 kinds of styles, they are 180°, 210°, 240°, 270°, 300°, 330° and 360°.

Start angle: It sets the position where the minimum value is displayed.


When configuration is completed, the object is shows as below picture, when HMI is running.

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