6.5.3 Drop-Down list


Drop-Down list is designed for display the designated state by text, to select the text in the list, the corresponding state will change, and the write address will change to the designated state value.


1) Edit

Read address: The data from designated address will be displayed.

Same read-write address: Configure [Write Address] is the same as [Read Address];

Write address: Write data to designated address. The address can be different [Read Address];

2) Format

Set data format for object, it provides 16-bit unsigned and 16-bit BCD;

3) State count

It can support up to 128 states (0~127);

State value

State value: Users can set different values to correspond to different states, the setting window as below figure shows.

For example

By default, when value of read address is 0, object displays state 0.

If change settings as below figure shows

When value of read address is 11, object displays state 1.

4) Advance

It provides two types for this object.

Normal Type: It makes object as normal drop-down list object;

User name: it is for user login permissions. User name and group name in user permissions are mainly displayed;

Text settings

Every state requires text, the settings as below description, the normal settings please refer to common setting section. This section will show special settings for it.

1) Centre

Check it to make the text centered;

2) Enabling states text control

User can dynamically modify the text content in different states. When this feature is enabled, the text for each state set in the normal mode is invalid.

  • Current state: It is for setting state number for modification. For example, if the value is 3, it means that the text information in state 3 will be modified;

  • Text address: This address is used for the operation of the text component and is used to input the content displayed in the state. The length of the text is the number of text characters that can be entered, ranging from 1-127 characters;

  • Trigger set text: This address is used for saving modification;

3) Read state text from address

  • Text start address: the first address of occupied multiple consecutive addresses. Address length: [Text length/2] *[state number +1]. For example, 10 states, the address length= (10/2) *(10+1) =55. It set HDW100 as start address, so the HDW100-HDW104 stores the currently selected text content, the HDW105-HDW109 displays the text in the first state, the HDW110-HDW114 displays the second, and so on.

  • Refresh: The drop-down list status value is updated according to the text address content. The drop-down list is not updated immediately, when the data in the text address change is completed, only the refresh is triggered, it will update.

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