3.6 Download project


This chapter provides information about the download project and a description of how to download project from PC to HMI device.

General procedure

Users could use [PIStudio] to execute download, also there is [Download.exe] for download. Users will need at least the following components to execute download.

  • A .wmt file;

  • HMI device;

  • Programming cable or connect HMI to Local Area Network;

Operating procedure

1) Complete project programming and compile the project;

2) Connect HMI via USB programming cable;

4) Check the [PC Port] drop-list menu, if it shows [USB: Download], it means HMI is accessed by PC via USB download cable;

5) (Check the [PC Port] drop-list menu, select [Ethernet], and enter IP of HMI in [IP] enter bar)

6) Click [PC to HMI] button to execute project download;


  1. Download project file successfully;

  2. HMI restarts;

  3. HMI loads project;

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