3.4 Compiling project


This chapter provides information about the compiling project and a description of how to using compiling function and modify errors according to compiling outputs. Compiling project is the one of most important steps, it checks project, saves all settings and then creates project file.

General procedure

Users could use [PIStudio] to execute compiling, and check results in output windows. The follow procedure shows how compile a project.

Users need to check the result, and modify errors. Project file is only created when compiling is successful.

Operating procedure

  1. Finish project programming;

  2. Click [Compile] button;

  1. Check the compiling windows in below of software interface;

  1. Check the information of error (in red);

  2. Compile project again after modification;

  3. Until get successful information of compilation;


After compilation, PIStudio creates .wmt file for download.

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