10.1 Remote Access


In the traditional concept, it is rather Difficult and complicated to remotely connect HMI via Ethernet. Users not only need to consider the security issue, but also need to set up complex network parameters. In addition, subject to the stage of the network environment, users have to do everything possible to think of ways through all levels of routers and switches. And an independent IP could only correspond to one HMI in tradition sense of the remote control. The WECON remote access system will solve all of those problems.

The solution of WECON HMI remote access is “Everything is possible with one network, one HMI, one cable,” No matter where the HMI is, users could easily remote access HMI through the network, to achieve exclude exceptions and resolve them in the first time. In local area network or remote Internet, users could make HMI connect to Ethernet by one cable without setting any parameters. All network settings could be set by WECON remote access system.

System Features

1) No need to set any proxy servers, routers, or switches, simply connect one cable for Ethernet

2) Grading management of multiple HMIs, easy maintenance and operation;

3) A variety of access mode, easy to use;

4) Multiple users could access one HMI in the same time;

5) A secure connection;

System components

1) WECON PI8000 and advanced HMI with [-R], such as PI8070-R;

2) WECON Smart APP or WECON Cloud platform

User manual for WECON Smart and cloud platform download link



1) What is the difference between the-R model and the normal model?

A: The-R model can be accessed directly and unrestricted. Normal models need to buy cloud monitoring products before access. The number of monitoring normal model is limited according to the customer's purchase of cloud monitor packages.

2) How many customers could remote access HMI at the same time?

A: It supports max. 4 customers access HMI in the same time.

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